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COMING SOON: GSA Officially Licensed Spirit Wear?

Georgia Supreme Athletics, Inc. (GSA) is a Non-Profit, 501c3 public charity with no paid staff that serves youth in Metro-Atlanta and South Fulton County areas.  GSA is far more than a youth football and cheer organization.  GSA is a volunteer movement that leverages athletics to benefit our kids in the classroom, and our communities. 

As a non-profit public charity, GSA’s Operations [unlike other tax-funded parks and recreation programs] are NOT supported by a county budget.  Therefore, funding the important work that GSA is doing now and the future, is directly tied to the revenue we are able to raise.  

Rather than county tax dollars, GSA’s primary source of revenue is paid registration. And in the four years GSA has been operation, registration revenue has not covered all of GSA's current operational expenses, much less the vision we have for the future.  As such, GSA has survived the early years on the backs private investment dollars from individuals who believe in the vision of GSA, and tax deductible donations. 

In order to continue GSA operations as they are now [and improve them], while keeping registration fees affordable for the communities in which we serve, we have to expand the sources from which we receive revenue.  We plan to continue being one of the best values for your registration dollar in Metro Atlanta and South Fulton communities.  But we need your help... 

This leads me to the introduction of GSA’s Officially Licensed Spirit Wear Program.   Why Licensed GSA Sprit Wear?; simply put, buying licensed GSA spirit wear is a conscious decision to support GSA’s operations.  Here are 4 great reasons why:

*Any unauthorized use of this logo is a violation of trademark law & will be vigorously pursued.
  1. Keep Registration Cost Affordable: With the issuance of 2 game jerseys, pants & socks, we know that our registration is one of the best values around.  We've done the research! However, registration has to spread to cover every expense we incur.  If we are unable to offset GSA Operational costs at current registration fee levels, we will have to increase fees, something we do not want to do...  However, your support of Officially Licensed GSA Spirit Wear helps to offset expenses and hold registration at an affordable rate for the communities in which we serve. 
  2. Sow Seed Back To The Organization: In order for GSA to stay viable as an organization, seeds must continually to be sown today for benefit of future programs.  Our current efforts to launch the “GSA Transportation-Tutoring Program’ underway now is only one of many more examples. None of the proceeds from the sale of Unofficial, Non-licensed GSA spirit wear goes toward funding GSA's operations. 
  3. Great Designs & Products: Buy supporting Officially Licensed GSA Spirit Wear, we are not asking you to spend your money on bad product.  GSA’s designs and product groupings range from the hottest, cutting edge designs to more traditional ‘classic’ product families.  Also, our forthcoming licensing program insures that all product will be done with high quality, the best available materials, and by a small group of selected and pre-qualified vendors.
  4. Polished Brand Identity: Buying GSA licensed Spirit Wear insures that the logos and images associated with how GSA operates, plays, cheers, and its uniform looks, are easily [and consistently] recognizable for Cheer, Football, Coaches, Volunteers and Fans.
Finally, we recognize that the dollars you have to spend on merchandise are yours, and it's your buying decision where they are spent. However, this is why in asking for your support of GSA's Officially Licensed Spirit Wear, we know that the products need to be high quality and competitively priced. Please take a visit to our soon-opening GSA Spirit Store and see the growing list of high quality, competitively priced spirit wear that pays you back in the form of Registration Value! For Information about becoming an authorized licensed vendor, please contact Royce Golden @404-965-4068! 
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