An Interview With Our Executive Board


Robert Golden    President

Why are youth sports organizations important? There is an estimated 41 Million American kids playing competitive youth sports. The number of children involved in youth sports has risen significantly over the last 10 to 20 years, according to Dr. Steve Carney, a professor of sport management at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  If we get this WRONG, the impact is long-term and far-reaching!  If we get it RIGHT, the impact is long-term and far-reaching...

Why do you volunteer your time to GSA? As cliché as it may seem to say, I was called to do this!  I saw service modeled by my dad who served 30 years as a volunteer fireman, and was a coach-youth sports pioneer in Ohio.  Also, my working career began as a juvenile counselor and children's social worker.  When I transitioned to corporate America, I achieved a great deal but felt the longing to ‘give-back’.  After series of life events and a decision to leave corporate America, the way was paved for me to live in my purpose!        

What is your fondest GSA memory? We were ignored, told no and blocked from play. We battled budget, our own learning curve, significant backlash, and a doubting spirit by those who could not see the vision.  All of these events and more were overshadowed on the night of our first pep rally.  With the gym filled to capacity, the DJ hyped the crowd with the latest tracks, parents and friends adorned in Gladiator Green are screaming and beaming with pride, and with our cheerleaders front and center, our players (wearing the freshest uniforms out) hit the floor 100 strong get introduced at their very first pep rally.  This was a moment I will take with me forever...



Dwan Anderson  Vice-President                                

Why are youth sports organization important? Youth sports organizations are essential in today's culture. In our communities they are the first line of defense against the negative woes our kids encounter daily. Within a positively  structured atmosphere, such as sports, our kids learn true survival skills. At a young age they learn time management, responsibility, teamwork, self discipline, self control, and so many other skills that help to build a solid foundation for victory in life.

Why do you volunteer your time to GSA?
GSA is a vision that was received as a true blessing to this community. After a merger of hard work, understanding, and sacrifice of a small group of select people the vision was clear and the blueprint was in front of us. Once the blueprint was complete and our board was set it was time to serve. Only God could have connected a group of people to work this well together. As a servant to my community I have received my orders and I will not rest until they are complete!             

What is your fondest GSA moment?
Our first official pep rally!!! To see the response of the GSA family and all the kids in uniform for the first time with fanfare was truly one time in my life where time stood still. Robert and myself must have had the same feeling at the same time. Just as I tried to walk towards the back of the gym full of emotions I see my brother to the left of me just as full as I was. That night we shared a tear of validation together. After all that we had gone through at that one particular second, at that one particular place, in that one particular atmosphere it was all validated. No matter how hard we have to work for our kids to receive the best opportunity to be successful we will get it done!


     Royce Golden       Business Director

Why are youth sports organizations important? I wanted my family to be involved in sports and with organizations that look to build families and leave legacies within the community.  It’s important to speak of your community in a way that urges people to want to be a part of mentoring children and creating relationships that last long after sports. 

Why do you volunteer your time to GSA? I’m an avid Denver Broncos fan and a football junkie!  More importantly, I have a passion for kids, families and doing something good for others. I want to volunteer in a community where I have a personal attachment to the area and want to make it a better place.   

What is your fondest GSA memory? My fondest memory is the first year excitement and being a part of something that impacted so many people. My greatest joy has been personally knowing the names of each player and parents in every single age group. I’ve developed some wonderful relationships that have lasted beyond the season.



Marsha Simmons


Why are youth sports organizations important? Sports not only provides exercise for youth, but teaches them discipline, cooperation, and resilience among many other qualities. With leadership and guidance from a quality sports organization, young people have a chance to showcase their skills, not only on the field, but in life.

Why do you volunteer your time to GSA? I have not only been impressed by the leadership of the coaches and executive board, but the dedication of the parents. When I see people working so hard to make an impact on the lives of young people, it makes me want contribute in any way possible.   

What is your fondest GSA memory? Our 2012 YFA 10U championship win – it proved that a new organization can overcome any issues that a new organization is faced with and come out on top!!

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