What Makes Us Who We Are?

GSA is a grassroots effort to mentor the youth-student, teamwork, community service, life skills and the fundamentals to excel in the classroom as well as the field of play. We ARE:

  • A 501c3 non-profit youth sports organization.
  • An organization with 50+ years of successful youth & minor league football coaching experience.
  • Comprised of youth coaches, parents & volunteers with a passion for children & youth sports!
  • Parents who believe EVERYTHING about our future is tied to how well we prepare our kids for it.  
  • Non-apologetic for leveraging the playing field for the benefit of the classroom... Sport is a privilege!
  • An exciting next-generation  youth sports organization that has boldly entered the Metro-Atlanta community with early success!
  • A great football organization with Championship Legacy after 2 seasons, and much more!  We're a movement that mentors  children, & supports our community through service!  


GSA Sponsors